Hats are the perfect accessory for kids to complement any look. Hats give perfect protection from the brutal dog days of summer. Sometimes, the best solution is a hat to fight off heat and the sun’s harmful rays. We have scouted twelve fashionable hats for little girls that are inexpensive and offer the best sun protection. I suggest buying several varieties and keeping them stored by your door, in your stroller, and in the car for use at a moment’s notice.

  1.  Beanies

Aww the sweet little knitted (or not) classic head cover is having its spotlight for quite sometime. You can either go for simple styles in basic colors, or have fun with the infinite number of designs, colors, beads/faux fur/sequins/studs appliques.

Styling tips:

 1) a classic black beanie can hide a bad hair day + pull together a cozy winter outfit.

2) A statement beanie (neon/bright colors, or cat-ears beanies) can instantly make an outfit more fun, quirky, edgy and cool.

2. Hats

The obsession in town right now is for wide brimmed hats, that somehow resemble witches’ hats, OR are a combo of the fedora + floppy style ones.

They instantly make an outfit more sophisticated and give that celebrity/star vibe to a look.


3.  Baseball Hats

Anytime. Anywhere. They can pretty much make anyone look trendy in a very effortless sort of way.

4. Faux Fur Hats