A lot of women see pregnancy as a nine month sentence to the drab, ugly and neutral wardrobe. That, definitely is not so.
Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the trends and feel fashionable.
In fact, this is just the right time to pick out the trends you love and adapt them to your new body.
Here are a few tips that would help ensure that you stay sexy, fashionable and stylish even with a bulging tummy.

Choose fitted over bulky


It is only natural for you to want to choose bigger clothes to hide your size. But you need to apply the brakes there because bulky clothes actually adds to your size. Your best bet is to emphasize the features that aren’t expanding with snug-sleeves tops, skinnier pants, and button down shirts. Try knits that stretch and mold your form -there are sexy and feminine.

Turn to the opposite gender for help

pregnant men

Wearing a crisp men’s dress shirt and pair it with leggings is a perfectly sexy and comfortable style. You could also pair a fitted t-shirt or tank with jeans.

Add some color

pregnant 1


Color is an essential part of a modern maternity closet, so don’t limit yourself to just black and neutral tones. You would feel happier if your wearing clothes that aren’t drab. It would definitely lift your spirit.

Break out the accessories

pregnant cropped

The easiest way to add flare to an otherwise simple ensemble is to put on your accessories and jewelry. Try long dangling earrings and lariat necklaces to de-emphsize the fullness in your face. If you are going to be on your feet all day, throw on some cute open toe sandals or sling-backs. Sexy shoes can instantly perk up practically any outfit.

Don’t be afraid of those skinny jeans

pregnant cover

If you enjoyed wearing skinny jeans before you were an expecting mum, don’t be afraid to wear them now because you’re pregnant. Many maternity lines are now making stretchy, super comfy skinny jeans and leather leggings that would fit and flaunt your new curves.