Taga bike is a multi-functional urban vehicle that combines the benefits of an easy-to-use stroller and a safe child carrier bike.

taga bike

Taga bike is produced by the Dutch company Taga and was created to the highest standards, throughout four year process. The urban vehicle was developed in Netherlands where it is already a custom to use three wheeled bikes with large boxes or seats for carrying cargo and children.

Among the many benefits of using this bike are:

–      The possibility to use it to longer distances than a stroller

–      It is more easy to maneuver which makes it safer for riding with kids

–      It is eco and more cost effective than a car

–      It is suitable to use in any location whether indoors or out (bus, train or elevator).

–      It is easy to use even for those that doesn’t know how to ride a bike. The 3-wheel design lets you keep both feet on the pedals when you’re stopped.

Taga bike offers a fun experience for both parents and children with the strictest safety standards. It also has bright colors and unique design that increase the pleasure to use it.